In hospitals, patients must endure the unfamiliar, interact with a large and varied medical staff, and entrust their severe and delicate condition to strangers. The emotional piece of this journey is at an all time unsettling high for both patients and their families.

We help hospitals avoid any further emotional strain for the patient, and create the best experience possible under the given circumstances.  At the same time, we improve the hospital’s reputation in what is already an immensely competitive environment.


Due to short and infrequent patient engagements, first impressions tend to be the only impressions for ambulatory surgery centers.  They get one shot to get it right!

We help ambulatory surgery centers make a great impression through a carefully designed patient experience. As positive patient feedback grows they can quickly rise to become the provider of choice among referral partners.


The medical practice has the most relational potential compared to the other settings of care. Over time, the patient really gets to know their provider and their staff; and vice versa.  The engagement becomes familiar, especially with preventive care and disease management services.

We make sure that what the patient experiences, as they “get familiar”, is a GOOD familiar.  They need to see a well-managed environment, and above all a cohesive team.  Opportunities for personalization, loyalty and high ratings abound.  Let us get you there!


Beyond “location, location, location”, each individual Urgent Care Center must make an effort establish their brand within their communities.  It is urgency that compels patients to consider these centers in the first place, so they are most often “discovered” online.  For this reason, online ratings are of utmost importance.

Best Patient Experience Consulting knows what drives online ratings - - from the physical environment to physician communication, and everything in between.  Don’t leave your patient experience to chance.  Connect with us now.


Pursuing nursing and rehabilitation options can be a difficult time for families, where emotions range from relief and hope on one end, to mistrust and guilt on the other. Families want a personalized experience.  They need to feel confident that their loved one is receiving the full attention that they require.  Equally important are the needs of your staff, providers and external support.  The needs of all stakeholders must be considered together to arrive at the best possible care.

Best Patient Experience Consulting takes a systems engineering approach to see how to best optimize care, time and resources. We can customize a plan to please your employees, patients and their families, and at the same time enhance your public reputation.